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Masthead showing parish logo, followed by photos of the two pubs and the church

Next PC Meeting: Sep 8th


Bridleways and Footpaths

The Parish Path Warden (PPW) scheme has been introduced by the Oxfordshire Ramblers Association in conjunction with the Countryside Access Team at Oxfordshire County Council (OCC) to help keep local Rights of Way (RoW) usable. This involves walking the footpaths and bridleways in our parish once or twice a year, reporting issues to OCC, keeping the Parish Council informed and liaising with parishioners who might have a query about a particular path.

The PPWs also undertake minor tasks such as putting up waymarkers or clearing brambles from stiles. Of course, individuals can still contact OCC to report a problem themselves but it would be really helpful if we were informed, in order to follow up on any action that may be required. We are also interested in problems affecting footpaths and bridleways in neighbouring parishes which link to the RoWs in our parish and can contact that parish’s PPW.

Our PPW, Caroline Tribe, can be contacted at bandr.ppws@gmail.com

Here are documents and links to websites that you may find useful:

  1. PPWs reports - 2015, 2016, 2019
  2. The Definitive Statement for Berrick and Roke parish (a legal document describing each RoW).
  3. The Definitive Map for Berrick and Roke (a map showing each RoW and parish boundary)
  4. OCC’s interactive map showing all RoWs across Oxfordshire - zoom in on our Parish for detailed information
  5. OCC’s Parish Guide to Countryside Access (detailed information about RoWs presented clearly).

Nb. The Definitive Map and Statement reference each RoW with two numbers eg. 127/1 where 127 is the parish number and 1 the RoW within the parish.


The Parish Council encourages every householder who has a ditch alongside their property to clear their ditches of weeds etc. We have had serious flooding in the recent past and would like to minimise the chance of this being repeated. If your property either has a watercourse flowing across it or abuts a natural watercourse, you have ‘riparian rights’ as the landowner. As a consequence, you have the following riparian rights and consequent obligations:-

  • Allowing fish to pass freely.
  • Not interfering with or affecting the quantity or quality of the flow of water.
  • Regular maintenance of the watercourse, including keeping it free from major obstructions which may lead to an increased flood risk.
  • Not diverting or polluting the water.

Maps of the Parish Watercourses