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Ordering from The Chequers

If you wish to receive updates when changes are made and haven't already signed up for them, email here.

Two lists are available. Click on your choice to download:-

- Provisions List (which includes Ready Meals to Heat at Home)

- Lock-down dinners (for the full Monty) For cooking instructions, click here.

- Note that all prices are approximate

To Prepare your Order


- List your items with quantities or approximate weight in an email and send it to orderchequers@gmail.com, or

- Download the Provisions List, open it with Acrobat, enter your order and email it to orderchequers@gmail.com. This is easier for us to handle.


- The ordering schedule is provided on the Provisions and Lock-down dinners sheets

Later orders will automatically be added to the next available day

- Once we receive your order, we will contact you with a delivery or collection time slot

- Invoices will be with the produce on collection or delivery and prompt payment would be appreciated (no one will be able to re-order if there is an outstanding invoice)

- Please where possible collect, as there are only 2 of us, but if you need delivery, please advise.

- If any of you would like to drop off your own containers for goods to help reduce packaging , please do so and mark them clearly with our details.

- If practical, please return or keep any boxes for collection 

As the price of fruit & vegetables and fish vary daily once we receive your order we will price it up and send you back an invoice for you to approve and pay.


Whilst early payment is appreciated, please wait until you have received your order to make payment in case of any variations

Payment can be made to paypal.me/chequersberrick or by BACS transfer to Mark Duggan Nationwide Sort code 07-44-56  Acc.00367679.

If you prefer to pay by cash

(a) Calculate the amount when you place the order

(b) Enclose this amount in a sealed envelope with your name on it

(c) When collecting, post this envelope through the front door letter box of the pub

(d) Any differences between calculated and actual amounts will be adjusted via a subsequent purchase

I do hope this will help and ask for your patience while we learn a new way of trading.

Mark Duggan

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