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Masthead showing parish logo, followed by photos of the two pubs and the church

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Berrick Salome Relief in Need Charity (Reg. No. 259529)

The Charity was set up to provide grants of money, provision of items or provision of facilities for persons in need living in the Parish of Berrick Salome. These grants are to relieve, either generally or individually, persons resident in the beneficial area (viz Berrick Salome, Berrick Prior, Roke and Rokemarsh) who are in conditions of need, hardship or distress. Income is received from rent from a parcel of agricultural land and a fixed interest investment plus interest on accumulated income.

What? Who?
  • Education/Training
  • Medical/Health/Sickness
  • Disability
  • Relief of Poverty
  • Accommodation/Housing
  • Children/Young people
  • Elderly/Old People
  • People with a Disability/Special Needs

The Charity welcomes grant applications, and anyone wishing to apply or having knowledge of anyone in need should contact one of the Trustees or email Jane Franklin.

The Trustees of the Charity are nominative trustees appointed by the Parish Council of Berrick Salome:-

Co-optative trustees appointed by special resolution of the Trustees with special knowledge of the Parish:-

Graham Cooper acts as administrative officer.

Anyone interested in becoming a Trustee should contact one of the Trustees or email Jane Franklin.