Berrick, Roke and Rokemarsh Virtual Open Gardens (Back to Parish Website)

As the Open Gardens event cannot be held this year, parishioners are invited to send photos of their garden to the Parish Clerk who will then add them to this web site. Details of each contributor (ID and property ID) will normally be included, though we will also respect your anonymity if you request this. Entries are presented in order of arrival, with the latest at the top of the list.

The site can include all types of photo, catering from pure beauty to quirkiness. As the appearance of a garden changes through the season, photos will be accepted from the start of the season (ie before this project was launched) until the end, which will be determined by contributions (and plants) drying up. Please ask to have any of your photos removed if you think them no longer appropriate.

Please don't submit more than 10 photos at any one time; but add to them later in the season as your garden changes.

If anyone wishes to offer IDs or other information about plants, please do so and they will be added to the photos.

This page serves as a 'contents list' to all the photos kindly offered. Click on the List of Contributors below for access by individual. Videos are marked with a (V).

To view any specific photo, simply click or tap on the image below of interest; you will then be able to click on links to move along the set of photos for that contributor.
Simon Bradley Dennis Cooper Penny Cooper Ellie Cross Dot Cussens
Apr  May  Jun  Jul
Jane Franklin
Apr  May  Jun
Nicol Glyn
Apr  May
Verity Hickman (V) John Hyde
Apr May Jun
Stephanie Iszatt (V)
Rosy Pugh
Apr May
Emma James
May Jun
Susan Radice Sarah Russell Marian Shaw Anne Smith Pauline Smith Cathie Suggate Julie Tracey Craig Tribe
Janet Tweddle