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How to Report...

Weather Related Issues

-To report fallen trees or other debris which pose a risk to your safety or the safety of others, please call 999

- For fallen trees or other debris which don't pose such a high risk but still need to be dealt with, visit the OCC site and then click on "Who to contact about a dangerous tree" for fuller details

- If you lose power or can see that a power line has come down please report it by calling 105

- If you are concerned about flooding, you should visit the Oxfordshire Flood Toolkit

- If you have a flooding emergency which is a threat to someone’s life, contact Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service on 999

- To report flooding relating to a highway such as blocked ditches, blocked drains or flooding on a road call Oxfordshire County Council Floodline on 0345 310 1111

- To report flooding from a main river (which does indeed include the Chalgrove Brook) contact the Environment Agency through the Floodline (Tel: 0345 988 1188 or 0800 80 70 60) or visit their website

- If your property is at immediate risk of surface water flooding please contact Thames Valley Police on 101

 Crime (non-Emergency)

- Either visit the local Thames Valley Police site, or

- Send a report directly via email *, or

- Phone 101 if immediate attention is required

- For incidents of every kind, please also email Mike Craven-Todd with details

* If you are uncertain whether to report, see the Police response to an earlier report: "This kind of information is always helpful. It is quite often the little things that are the missing bit of the puzzle. Sending to our inbox is absolutely fine, however if it needs immediate attention please phone 101. I will forward this on to the investigation team who can contact the notifier directly if they need to. Please keep information coming!"


- Visit the Oxfordshire County Council website, which will refer you to

- Fix My Street

Rural Crime (Machinery theft, livestock theft, large-scale fly-tipping)

- Visit the NFU Rural Crime Reporting Line

Fly Tipping

- Visit the SODC site

Missed Bin Collection

- Visit the SODC site


- Visit the Bonfire smoke complaint form

Lost Dog

- Visit the Lost Dog site

Lost and Found

- Visit Thames Valley Police